In light of the continuously changing technologies and considering the ever increasing number of car colors being put out on the market. General Paint Company has tried to stay abreast of the challenges facing the refinisher by providing required training.
The training can be either offered in-house in our own training facilities or it may even be setup in the country where the product is being sold with pre-arrangement with our importer in that country.
The main training modules that are offered are the following:
1.       Basic Training 
2 days training that covers all the basics for customers who are just starting to work with TURBO refinishing products such as using the color tools provided, mixing, application etc… This course also encompasses hands-on-training.
2.       Advanced Training
3 days course that addresses all the problems a refinisher might face. Areas covered are color matching. A guide to a perfect finish, plastics, etc…This course also encompasses hands-on training.
3.       Management training
While the basic and advanced training courses cover the technical aspects of operating a body shop, the management training course addresses the issues of productivity and efficiency through the use of proper planning, facility layout, efficient products, recruiting, marketing, cost analysis, etc…
Standard Training Modules list:
1.       Introduction to HyMax Automotive Refinishing
2.       Introduction to Hydrobase
3.       Spectro Usage
4.       Dry Sanding
5.       Color Matching
6.       Setting a spray gun
7.       Understanding and eliminating paint defects
8.       Plastic repair
Please contact our technical trainer directly in order to book your training sessions with him.

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